“Every child is different. Every family situation is different. Ana will find the right solution for your family!”
***Court Certified and Bilingual***

What is a Parent Coach?

A parent coach deals with the present and seeks to educate parents providing the tools and skills needed to parent their children within their specific situation and environment. Parent coaching does not diagnose. Instead, using the most current research, parent coaching guides parents towards building a more healthy, positive relationship with their children.

All types of parents with all types of children crossing many cultures and environments use parent coaches.  Some parents may have read many books and articles and have tried many techniques, with little success.  Parents who seek parent coach guidance are looking to learn techniques from an experienced, professional coach who can provide successful strategies and a personalized approach.


  • Prenatal
    What to expect when the child is born and how to care for an infant.
  • Childproofing
    Keeping your baby safe in your home. Identify the areas of your house that might pose a threat to your baby and make sure they are adequately secured.
  • Infants
    Understanding your baby’s needs, including baby development, proper nutrition, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, crying, colic, diapering, digestion, essential baby gear and sleep training.
  • Toddlers
    Toddler diets, sleeping schedules and appropriate interactions with other children and aggression: how to deal with hitting and biting. Additionally, we equip you with strategies for handling when your toddler says “no” or begins to tantrum. We also explain techniques for promoting family bonding when a second child comes along.
  • School-age Children
    Help your children cope with stressful moments during the day, bullying, poor social skills, food battles, school lunches or homework issues. Learning effective techniques dealing with power struggles with your child.
  • Teens
    Strategies for dealing with when your teen seems to hate you, communication skills, staying out too late, or hanging out with crowds you don’t like.
  • Families
    Traditional; Single-Parent; Divorce; Cross-Generational; Adoptive/Foster; Never-Married; Blended; Grandparents as Parents; Same-Sex Parent.
  • Parent Helpers and Nanny Training
    Consistently having the same philosophy as an extension of the parent’s hopes and dreams is critical and we will teach you why and how.

About Ana

Ana has over 35 years of experience working professionally with children and families.  Having experience in pre-natal through high school settings, Ana is a certified teacher with qualifications in play-based education, child development, Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum, domestic violence training, nonviolent communication for children and families and parenting through First 5 home education in California.  Ana has lived in various cultures and understands that no one choice fits all families and each family is unique.  She has accomplished all this while raising six children who, now adults, have each chosen their own distinctive, caring and successful paths.  Previously, Ana worked for Jewish Family Services where she supported and transitioned children of brave families who have chosen to live in shelters away from the batterers in their lives and also conducted personalized in home parenting support for families who were struggling; whether it be with a crisis or the day-to-day challenges of raising children.

As an in home parenting specialist, Ana’s unique method and years of experience can help to improve your skills as a parent and communicator, working with you as a team to find solutions to boost your parenting skills and decrease problem behavior to reestablish better relationships. Ana coaches parents in the comfort of their own home environment, practicing new skills to overcome barriers, and help you become the parent you want to be. You will see immediate behavioral results that will help you and your family get through this challenging time, building on your strengths and unique relationship with your children. Some areas of support and education, which Ana specializes in, include:

  • ***Court Certified and Bilingual***
  • Prenatal Preparation
  • Understanding the various stages of child development
  • Coaching and modeling of parenting techniques, including developmental expectations and behavior management
  • Teaching effective techniques for discipline
  • Setting loving limits with your children
  • Speech and Language Development
  • Separation Dilemmas
  • Teaching healthy methods for your child to express their feelings
  • Assistance in establishing family structure and roles
  • Dealing with Teenagers
  • Understanding the effect of separation and divorce on your child and methods to help your child adjust


A. T. – “I have twins that they are 3 years old. I called Ana to help me put them on a schedule when they were younger. I couldn’t see day and night before because they were off schedule. One was up the other one was sleeping. Now we are a happy family that gets to sleep eat and smile together. Thanks so much?!”

Orit Z. – “Our Dear Ana! I invited Ana to help me when I had some concerns and questions about finding the best school for my daughter. She helped me get my and my daughter’s needs and personalities perfectly matched up! We did found the best school where she excels happily today. Thank you Ana..?”

Robin A. – “Ana’s supportive and caring manner instantly put me at ease and I felt comfortable sharing all of my parenting issues, concerns and questions with her. Her suggestions and guidance were easy to follow and very effective at solving all of my parenting issues. I highly recommend her services.”

Sill T. – “Ana came to me when I was totally lost, I didn’t know what else to do with my boy. She came and helped me so much. Making me understand that whatever I was going through it was normal and easy to change. I extremely recommend Ana, she is an amazing person, mom of 5 kids, full of experience and very nice to talk. Here are some issues that I wanted to work with her. She taught me how to deal with tantrums, how to play with him, how to teach my kid to share and many other things. She also taught me that no need to worry about my concerns (pacifier and diapers) at age of two. She also helped me with the second kid. Thank you Ana for everything you done to my family!!!❤”

Pricilla G. – “Ana is a very talented parenting coach. She helped us with our teenagers when no one else could. Thanks Ana!”

Joe & Marry W. – “We needed help learning how to take care of three babies at once. Ana was there when we needed her most. Thanks!”